December 15, 2011

Totally creepy or kind of adorable? The Herman Melville Etsy doll


Entertainment Weekly turned us on to the totally weird literary crafts of Debbie Ritter of Champaign, Illinois. Her Etsy page shows off her handmade wares: dozens of “miniature art dolls” including many famous authors.

Thirty-four dollars gets you a tiny Herman Melville ”wearing a black wool suit with white shirt, cream wool vest, and has a peppered beard and hair. He carries a tiny “copy” of Moby Dick, and I hand painted the details of his face….Herman is a must have for the fan of classic literature!”

Hmmm… “must have.” If you say so, Debbie!

For more info on Debbie’s art dolls you can check out this video at  She says that even after seven years she’s still developing her technique. She likes to add humor to what she does and says her favorite doll is Frieda Kahlo because the unibrow is easy to do. “It’s an outlet for me after raising four children,” Ritter says. “I wanted something, sort of an outlet so I wouldn’t go crazy.”