April 11, 2012

Valtat’s Steampunk Emporium, or the return of Aurorarama


The new paperback edition of Aurorarama.

We’re less than a month away from the paperback release of Jean-Christophe Valtat’s cult hit, the steampunk epic Aurorarama. Published in hardcover in the fall of 2010, Aurorarama is the first volume in “The Mysteries of New Venice” trilogy. The second installment, Luminous Chaos, publishes in hardcover this fall.

This isn’t your old edition of Aurorarama either. Added to the paperback is a selection from the forthcoming Luminous Chaos, as well as an interview with Jean-Christophe hosted by Cory Cropper and and Robert J. Hudson. Last but not least the new edition contains “Towards a New Steampunk”, an essay by the author on the future and purpose of the steampunk genre.

Then there is the new Mysteries of New Venice blog populated with steampunk news and updates from the author himself, and let us not fail to mention Jean-Christophe’s brand new presence on twitter. Follow him @TheValtat.

If nothing else you should head over to the blog to sign up for the Goodreads “Book Giveaway,” which has a number of hardcover first editions being rewarded to lucky Goodreads users.

Steampunk World Fair

But all of these new venues for all things Valtat pale in comparison to the tour Mr. Valtat is engaged to undertake in the middle of May.

New Yorkers will be especially pleased to know that Jean-Christophe will be on hand at the Steampunk World’s Fair (buy your tickets here) in Biscataway, New Jersey, and the Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, Massachusetts (you’ll need a button for many of the Watch City activities).

Look for the details of these appearances to be defined over the next couple of weeks as the festival promoters wrangle the stunning number of events, performers and merchants on hand at each festival.

We’re thrilled to take part in both of these wonderful festivals. We’ll be there. Brass buttons polished. Transaerian psychomotive on overdrive.

Paul Oliver is the marketing manager of Melville House. Previously he was co-owner of Wolfgang Books in Philadelphia.