May 23, 2012

Vermont bookmobile is back on the road


Last month we told you about an NPR story about the number of bookmobiles dwindling across the country—this Sunday, Weekend Edition announced that at least one of these trucks will have a happy ending. The focal point of the original NPR piece was a bookmobile in Lyndonville, Vermont, belonging to the Cobleigh Public Library; listener Julia Krapf was moved by the story, remembering the bookmobiles of her youth, and set about finding a way to get the truck back on the road. The trustee of a foundation established by her grandfather, Krapf was able, along with her fellow trustees, to offer a $150,000 donation to the library. The money will go toward buying a new bookmobile and keeping it fully fueled.

While it could take about a year for the bookmobile to be back in regular service, the community is already excited. Librarian Cindy Karasinski, daycare owner Annika Bickford, and local children spoke to Vermont Public Radio reporter Charlotte Albright expressing their enthusiasm. But while this bookmobile was lucky enough to benefit from the attention of the Weekend Edition feature, others like it are still becoming a thing of the past.


Nick Davies is a publicist at Melville House.