July 24, 2014

You blinked and St. Mark’s Bookshop reopened


st marksSurely you did not miss the long, drawn-out negotiations between St. Mark’s Bookshop and Cooper Union. Pleas to save the shop papered the streets, and peppered social media feeds for the first six months of the year. But if you blinked, you might have missed its move to a new space on 3rd Street. St. Mark’s has just reopened for business.

In the 90s, after fifteen years on St. Mark’s Place, the store moved around the corner. In 2011, Cooper Union agreed to reduce its rent. Struggling with the cost over the course of months or years, in April 2014, the bookshop turned to Indiegogo for the $50K it needed to move to a new space. (The shop earned slightly more than its goal.)

In just a few weeks, with help from volunteers, the store made its way from 3rd Avenue to 3rd Street. The move was announced in various papers in May, confirmed by the store at the end of June, and now St. Mark’s Bookshop is already open in its new home, 136 East 3rd Street at Avenue A. The square footage is half of its previous location, but the rent is only a quarter of what they’d been paying for the Cooper Union space.

For anyone who has moved with a ton of books, you know that kind of lead time is unbelievably fast. The community must have opened their arms to load boxes and boxes of books down the block. The new store will open from noon to 10 PM for the rest of the summer, according to Lisha Arino at DNAinfo.


Kirsten Reach is an editor at Melville House.