July 15, 2010

You’re Welcome


Megan Halpern

Megan Halpern

Many of you fine readers get harassed by me daily — whether its through email or the occasional snail-mail galley letter. Either way, that’s a lot of reading to do with all of the inbox-clogging letters I send your way, on top of the mail you must get from the hundreds of other book publicists. But have no fear. I’m about to tell you why you should read my notes above all others.

I write like Kurt Vonnegut.

And H.P. Lovecraft.

And apparently James Joyce.

Yes, that’s right. And no, I’m not just bragging. According to the website “I Write Like…,” which experienced an explosion in popularity yesterday after Galleycat plugged them on mediabistro, my galley letters are representative of all of the above writers. Well, almost. My Vonnegut-esque work? That would be my summary of Tao Lin‘s Richard Yates. When writing on our upcoming Aurorarama, I spin it like Lovecraft. But I save my Joycean prose for my discussion of T Cooper‘s latest (and illustrated!) novella The Beaufort Diaries (PS–speaking of fame, watch the David Duchovny-voiced book trailer here).

So, please open my emails 🙂 — I rest my case.

(Oh, and you can test your own writing here.)