February 20, 2014

AWP rallies, and will be open to the public next week


You won't have to crash after all.

You won’t have to crash this place after all.

People of Seattle, bookish people who follow conferences around like it’s the Super Bowl, and parents of whoever runs the Hobart Twitter feed, congratulations! You’re welcome to visit Associated Writing Program conference for free next Saturday.

But it was a rough week for the AWP’s director of conferences Christian Teresi, and for reporter Paul Constant of The Stranger who got stuck with this beat, but AWP and the city of Seattle have settled the tax trouble we chronicled on Wednesday. As promised, they came up with a solution within twenty-four hours.

An email from AWP executive director David Fenza, who has also had a long week, went around yesterday afternoon:

Dear Bookfair Exhibitor,

The bookfair will be open to the public free of charge on Saturday, March 1. This resolution is possible because the City of Seattle Tax Office enabled AWP to pay an aggregate tax on behalf of our exhibitors. This allows the public to attend the bookfair, with no additional fees to our exhibitors. The voices of AWP members, supporters, and exhibitors have been heard and were instrumental in achieving this goal. AWP is grateful to the City of Seattle Tax Office for its responsiveness to our community. We couldn’t be happier with this outcome, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Seattle!

All the Best, David

Guess the team will be checking the fine print in Minneapolis’s tax laws now, to get ready for next year. We’ll see you next week, “the public.”


Kirsten Reach is an editor at Melville House.