February 2, 2012

Whatever LeVar Burton wants, LeVar Burton gets


LeVar Burton as Geordi LaForge

But for how much? A little over a year ago LeVar Burton announced that he wanted to reboot the Reading Rainbow franchise with a new company and approach. Per this FishBowlLA report from September of last year Burton seems to have got his druthers:

Fifteen months after indicating to New York Times columnist David Pogue at a Macworld event that he was raising money for a start-up, actor LeVar Burton is fully focused on the twain of education and enhanced children’s e-books. He tells Venture Beat that his company RRKidz has got $3 million in seed funding and is compiling a library of 300 iPad and Smartphone titles, with roughly 50 of those to be voiced by Burton himself.

But that isn’t our story today, kids. According to this Galley Cat report, the Star Trek star Reading Rainbow publisher was dismayed to find that the @ReadingRainbow twitter handle had been parked by some enterprising individual.

So again. LeVar Burton. @ReadingRainbow twitter handle. $3 million in seed money for a Reading Rainbow publishing project.

Today from Galley Cat:

“The Twitter handle @ReadingRainbow was taken and held by someone not using it and not connected with the show. Yesterday evening, Burton tweeted to the account in hopes of obtaining the famous Twitter handle to promote a new Reading Rainbow App he is developing with his company RRKIDZ. He tweeted just after 7 PM PST last night, and less than 2 hours later had the account in his hands! It just goes to show the power of Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton!”

I hope the figure isn’t too depressing …

Paul Oliver is the marketing manager of Melville House. Previously he was co-owner of Wolfgang Books in Philadelphia.