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Eeeee Eee Eeee

Confused yet intelligent animals attempt to interact with confused yet intelligent humans, resulting in the death of Elijah Wood, Salman Rushdie, and Wong Kar-Wai; the destruction of a Domino’s Pizza delivery car in Orlando; and a vegan dinner at a sushi restaurant in Manhattan attended by a dolphin, a bear, a moose, an alien, three humans, and the President of the United States of America, who lectures on the arbitrary nature of consciousness, truth, and the universe before getting drunk and playing poker.

TAO LIN is the author of the novel Eeeee Eee Eeee, the poetry collection Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and the poetry chapbook You Are A Little Bit Happier Than I Am. His stories, poems, essays and criticisms (he once reviewed the audience at one his readings for Seattle’s The Stranger) have appeared in Noon, Nerve, Esquire, Bear Parade, The Agriculture Reader, and the Mississippi Review. His most recent novel is Richard Yates.  He lives in Brooklyn, New York. His blog is called

”A revolutionary.”—The Stranger

”Prodigal, unpredictable.”—Paste Magazine

“…wry, imaginative and off-kilter…charts the tribulations of a heartbroken pizza delivery guy living in a suburb where bears talk and dolphins attempt to commit murder.”—Time Out New York

Eeeee Eee Eeee is an un-self-conscious yet commanding tour de force.”—

“Tao Lin is the most distinctive young writer I’ve come upon in a long time: the most intrepid, the funniest, the strangest. He is completely unlike anyone else.” —Brian Morton, author of Starting Out in the Evening

”[A] remarkable novel.” —Steve MitchelmoreReady Steady Book

“[I]t’s funny and addictive and talks straight into your ear… Tao Lin’s sentences are so good they sometimes make me shudder.” —Bookslut

“Tao Lin’s fiction will kick your ass and say thank you afterwards!” —Amy Fusselman, author of The Pharmacist’s Mate

“Stimulating and exciting …. It doesn’t often happen that a debuting writer displays not only irrepressible talent but also the ability to undermine the conventions of fiction and set off in new directions. Tao Lin, who is 24, does it.” —The San Francisco Bay Guardian

“What’s more remarkable than a writer who manages to release two critically acclaimed books at once? One who does it at the age of 23.”—The Boston Globe

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